jeudi 18 novembre 2010

Another century of fakers \ entr'acte de type petit spectacle

Ceci est une de mes chansons préférées des 10 dernières années, dédiée à tous les faux-culs qui me donnent personnellement mal au coeur. I'm sure you know who you are, deep down, unless you're just desperately dumber than I thought.

Ingrédients à karaoké:
There are people going hungry far awayThey’ve got nothing on their platesAnd you’re filling your fat face with every different kind of cakeAnd if you ever go lardy, or go lameI will drop you straight awayThat’s the chance you have to takeFor every stupid thing you sayThere are people going lonely, and they’ll stayLonely fay into the yearBecause you’re making blinkers fashionableAnd fashionably you’ll sayAll is equal in love and war andI’m sorry, but I’ve got some things to doAnd you pretend to read a book you’ll never finish till the dayThat the author dedicates itTo a century of fakersThey took your mould and they burned it on the fire in history todayYeah, the author dedicates itTo a century of fakersHe was an anarchist, he tried his best but it wasn’t good enoughDid I say I would see you soon? Well I’m sorry, but I just came off my bikeAnd my face is scarredAnd chance has barred me seeing you tonightI was over the other side of the cityAnd if the truth be known I’d sayThat you look great from there before you shaved your golden hair todayEverybody’s trying to make usAnother century of fakersThey took you mould and burned it on the fire of history todayEverybody’s trying to make usAnother cool decade of fakersAnother century of fakers

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